Windows are made of a variety of different materials from fiberglass to wood.To find out which is best for your home or office let  us educate you on the different types windows before you make one of the major household purchases.  Should I buy Vinyl, Fiberglass or Wood? There is a type of window that will meet your homes needs.  Here is a break down of the the different types of windows as well as their Pros and Cons. 



Aluminum Windows    Key Features of Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are economical

Aluminum windows are strong

Aluminum frames tend to be thinner allowing for a larger viewing area.



Fiberglass Windows    Key Features of Fiberglass

Coefficient of thermal expansion similar to glass

•  Low thermal conductivity

•  Dimensionally stable

•  High strength

•  Rot resistant

•  Chemically inert

•  Repaintable

•  Lower environmental impact



Vinyl Windows    Key Features of Vinyl windows

Vinyl Windows tend to be the least expensive

Vinyl Windows come in a variety of colors

Vinyl Windows are energy effiecient




Wood Windows    Key Features of Wood Windows

Wood WIndows tend to be the most expensive.

Wood Windows can be finished in variety of different finishes

Wood Windows require more maintainance then other materials

Wood Windows are environmentally friendly.


Top window companies in MIchigan.

Pella Windows   Andersen Windows   Marvin Windows    Hanson Windows